A Few Roofing Materials Available When You Need A New Roof

Discover The Different Types Of Material Available When You Need A New Roof

When someone is in need of a new roof there are several things they should consider. One of the first things a typical homeowner will think of is costs but that is only one part of the decision. Other things that will need to be considered include any restrictions put on homes in the neighborhood by the HOA as well as the style of the home. Most homeowners will also care about the general aesthetics of the roof. Here we’ll take a look at the different types of material available when you need a new roof.

1. Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most common types of roof material used anywhere in the US. This material is reinforced with either organic or fiberglass materials. Organic felt is what has been around for a long time. Fiberglass has become more popular in recent years and currently dominates the market. The type of reinforcement used for asphalt shingles will not really have any impact on its looks.

This type of roof material is fire resistant and can hold up for as long as 25 years. Fiberglass reinforced products can help protect against algae which is helpful in humid areas. Both of these types come in a choice of colors. Click here for a list of the top roofing companies near you.

2. Wood Shakes And Shingles

You can get these in several different types of wood including redwood, cedar, southern pine, and others. In some parts of the US such as California, this type of roof material is very popular. Shakes have a rough surface and are handmade. It does need to be noted that some areas have building codes that restrict the use of wood shakes and shingles because of potential fire hazards. Some can come with a special treatment that helps them to be fire-resistant.

3. Clay Or Concrete Tile

This is a fairly durable material. It’s very popular in Florida and in the Southwest. If a home wants an English look or a French look, then this might be a good choice. It comes in different finishes and colors. It’s heavy so if it’s replacing a different type of material then you’ll first have to make sure that your roof can support it.

4. Metal Roofing

This choice is often used as an alternative especially for roofs with a low slope. You can get this material in shingles or panels. There are a number of different shapes and a choice of configurations. They are made to look like other roofing material such as shingles and shakes. This material is lightweight but lasts a very long time. It holds up well against difficult weather and looks very pleasing. It is fire-resistant.

These are some of the most popular roof materials available. There are some others that include slate and synthetic products that are also available. When putting on a new roof it’s important that you make sure the overall system has good ventilation. If you don’t have the ventilation then moisture and heat will build up in the attic and ultimately cause damage. It can also damage shingles and remove the effectiveness of insulation.